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Burjor Aibara (left) and Merzi Kerawalla (right) share a startling story. Burjor is now the Panthaki (head) of the Bangalore fire temple, and performs the nirangdin kriya, the highest liturgy. Merzi is a commerce graduate, lives in Kalyan and is a part-time priest. Dadar Parsi Youth Assembly School, Bombay 1984. Burjor Aibara (left) and Merzi Kerawalla (right) Rayomand Jijina Rayomand Jijina answers a question in the Dadar Parsi Youth Assembly classroom where madressa boys study the SSC syllabus. A former teacher recalls that Rayomand Jijina was always gentle, polite, soft-spoken - "the kind of student you never see nowadays." Now 22 years old, he is studying to be a chartered acccountant, and is a part-time priest in Surat. Dadar Parsi Youth Assembly School, Bombay 1984.  
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Chapter 1: Young Priests
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