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The Persian From Zanzibar

I ask Mrs. Jer Bulsara, Freddy Mercury's mother, if her son would have approved of being in a book on Parsis. "Of course" she replies promptly. His only sibling, his sister Kashmira Cook is not so sure. She doesn't know what her brother's reaction might have been. He might have thought it strange, perhaps he would have been curious.

Few people knew his real origins. That he was a Parsi who spent his growing up years in school in Panchgani where he was in a band called the Hectics. The Hectics disbanded after school but Farrokh Bulsara went on to become the magnificent Freddy Mercury. The shy boy who became the flamboyant performer put his past behind him, didn't seem to ever look back. I wonder what his fellow-Hectics must have thought when Queen first burst onto the scene?

Would they have anticipated his success? His talent was evident from when he was a young boy, his determination...

Singer Gary (Rohin) Lawyer

Singer Gary (Rohin) Lawyer, with a portrait of his idol, Freddy Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara) at the Freddy Mercury Photo Exhibition. Bombay 1999.

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Chapter 4: Legends
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