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Swimming Through The Floods

In 1996 I was asked to be one of the judges of Bombay's Advertising Club awards. In the middle of one hundred imitations of cowboys in the sunset and the like, were MTV's wild and wacky spots that used the Indian environment in an original way; a cocky teaboy weaving his way though Bombay's most crowded locales, hassling everybody he meets on the way; a terrifying head massage set to an old Hindi film song. Four years later I meet the person responsible for the TV spots that got my full marks, whatever they were worth; Cyrus Oshidar, Creative Director of MTV who lives in an old flat in Tardeo with his Parsi wife Simeen, an artist who paints on glass, their two daughters, and several paying guests from another era, who refuse to leave. I'm surprised, though I shouldn't be, that theirs has been a childhood romance.

When did the two of you meet?
S: His father has a photograph of us at a birthday party...

Cyrus Oshidar

Cyrus Oshidar, vice president and creative director of MTV on the sets of a commercial at Kayani Irani Restaurant. Bombay 2000.

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Chapter 6: Generation Next
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