Parsis at Chemould Prescott Road

Parsis: A photographic journey
PLATFORM | March 8th, 2013


Parsis: A photographic journeyMany of us know Sooni Taraporevala as the director of National Award winning film Little Zizou, and the screenwriter of Mississipi Masala, The Namesake and Salaam Bombay. She has also written screenplays for My Own Country, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and more. She has earlier released a book titled, Parsis The Zoroastrians of India A Photographic Journey.

Her series, Parsis is on exhibition at the Chemould Prescott Gallery, Mumbai. The exhibition offers an insightful and intimate visual narrative of the Parsis that she has met and known over a long period of time. The eclectic collection of photographs have different stories to tell. One of the children she had photographed on her first birthday, is now married.

Parsis - The Zoroastrians of India Sooni shares, ‘I’ve been photographing Parsis since 1980, and continue to document my community as we move into the twenty‐first century. I first photographed my dear friend, the cineaste and film critic Rashid Irani in his Brabourne Restaurant in 1984. Twenty‐four years later, our adda went the way of many Irani restaurants. I shot the last days of Brabourne with great sadness and a desire to remember it as it once was, before it was sold and shut down.’



Parsis: A photographic journeyOne can even witness quirky moments of ladies dancing to Bollywood’s Ooolala oolala, instead of the Lalalalala Bamba, the standard song at Parsi weddings.

Catch a glimpse of all these beautiful moments and much more at the Chemould Prescott Gallery, Mumbai. The exhibition is on till 6th April.





PLATFORM | March 8th, 2013

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