PARSIS at Sert Gallery, Harvard University

Today in Photos (10/26/12)
By Ann-Marie Y Barrett, Sebastian A Cruz, Magdalena Kala, Mark Kelsey, Nida Naushad, and Sarah P Reid | The Harvard Crimson | October 26, 2012


Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaZagster has its bike sharing location near University Park at MIT.







Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaHubway reigns as the bike sharing program in the Harvard Square area.









Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaIn the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, two observers explore Sooni Taraporevala's '80 gallery, Parsis, The Zoroastrians of India. The first visual documentation of India's Parsi community is a compilation of Taraporevala's thirty-five years of photographs.






Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaThe Latino Voter
Nina Perales, Director of Litigation for MALDEF, examines the current status of voting rights through her own casework on Thursday at the Harvard Law School. Her discussion included many facets of voting rights, including redistricting, identification requirements, and the protection of minority voting rights.







Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaTrouncing Torture and Terrorism
Ben Emmerson QC, UN Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights, describes the obstacles he currently faces to his mandate from the United Nations, which is to assess human rights conditions through investigation and reporting. He spoke about counter-terrorism strategies, the accountability of US government officials in the cases of targeted killing, torture, rendition, and secret detention, as well as the stances taken on these issues by the candidates in the upcoming US Presidential Election.



Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaA KYLE HIGH
Senior Kyle Juszczyk tallied three touchdowns and 192 receiving yards in the Harvard football team’s 39-34 loss to Princeton on Oct. 20. Juszczyk’s six touchdowns and 533 receiving yards rank first and second, respectively, in the Ivy League.






Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaWOLF PACK
Senior forward Zack Wolfenzon, shown here in earlier action, scored his third goal of the season on Saturday, as the Harvard men’s soccer team dropped a key Ivy League contest to Princeton, 2-1, in double overtime.






Portrait Of An Artist: Sooni TaraporevalaHOLTE 45
After recording a career high nine blocks against Dartmouth last Friday, freshman Caroline Holte earned Ivy League Rookie of the Week honors. Holte and the Harvard women’s volleyball team have won their last three games.







The Harvard Crimson | October 26, 2012

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